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G17 Light Bearing Holster

G17 Light Bearing Holster

Mega-Fit Holster Compact Version

Mega-Fit Holster Compact Version

Holster for Glock 19 (Gen 1,2,3,4,5) |T-ThumbSmart Holster V2.0

Cytac T-ThumbSmart Holster uses thumb release system / which is known as 'the safest way to re-holster.' It's the perfect choice if you are a new shooter or new recruit.

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T-ThumbSmart Holster V2.0

Thumb release holster is known as the most secured type for all shooters.

Upgrade No.1

Built-in tension adjustment mechanism hides at the back of the holster body, but you may not ignore it. It's an important product upgrade to gurantee your firearm staying in the holster firmly and quietly.

Upgrade No.2

Small parts are embedded to provide a polished and scratch-resistant Internal face. Pistol Holstering will be smoothier.

Upgrade No.3

The holster body and the carrying attachement are firmly connencted by 3 srews. Total 20° cant adjustment is supported.

Upgrade No.4

The size and anti slip pattern of the release key are modified for reaching a better handling and operation feel.

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