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Referring your question about our last order, we can say that your products are excellent.
Also, we are more than satisfied with the cooperation that we have with you so far. Very professional!
Mr.Zoran / Montenegro

after receiving our first order we want to tahnk you for your goods packaging and we are very happy as first impression about the goods

Mr.Ali / Lebanon

They are very nice looking holsters and the quality looks nice, some people like retention button for safety and retention

Mr.Kevin / USA

Your Generation 3-R Defender holster looks very good. The design is great and black-matte surface looks very nice.

We feceived your newest G3 holster sample. That quality is very great!
Mr. Zafer / USA

My personal thoughts are I am impressed overall with the quality. Very impressed with the thumb release latch on the OWB's because its safer and easier to use. I would recommend using this style latch over the index finger style latch.


My pistol fits it exact as you would expect and is unable to be pulled, shaked or dropped out of holster without proper manipulation of the release. This holster also has a much nicer paddle with a rubber backing that makes it more comfortable for me. I would not hesitate at all in recommending this holster to others, I am sure it will give me years of service.

Mr.Kevin / USA

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