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Who We Are

Founded in 2008, Cytac Technology Limited focuses on exploring and eveloping the international tactical products market. We provide a wide range of products such as holsters, magazine pouches, duty belts, and etc.

Our History

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Cytac Technology Limited Was Founded.

Cytac Technology Limited was founded in 2008 and focuses on exploring and developing the international tactical product market. The Taurus 24/7’s first polymer holster was released this year.

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Worldwide Tactical Men Got To Know Cytac.

Cytac team developed polymer holsters and the holsters are exported to our business partners from more than 30 countries. Cytac is the first and the only polymer holster brand that goes abroad.

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Best Selling Product – Cytac R-Defender Holster.

Cytac started with R-Defender holsters and they are pretty popular. Customers were very kind to send feedbacks and our products are updated. Different task matched different types of holsters, Cytac R & D team successively developed duty holster series, T-ThumbSmart holster series, F-Speeder holster series, I-Mini-guard holster series, and etc.

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Cytac Obtain Patent Certificates At Home And Abroad.

Cytac is the first one who created the technology of silicon with ergonomic design to produce holsters. From 2017, Cytac products obtain over 80 obtain patent certificates at home and abroad.

Cytac bonus shares are distributed to all the staff.

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Cytac Is The Only Holster Manufacturer In China Exporting Tactical Products To 88 Countries.

With 16 years’ development, tactical products of Cytac brand were exported to 88 countries, and impress the business partners and users.


We providing our holsters to over 130 countries, Over 40,000,000 holsters sold.. We pride ourselves on having a ZERO ACCIDENT RECORD for over 15 years.

Our team of professional engineers are detailed and designed oriented, their goal is to produce the safest and easiest to use holster in the market, Our holsters must pass a strenuous series of tests conducted by professionals, to ensure they meet our standards of quality, reliability and simplicity, each piece must be tested by professional shooters and used in combat to ensure security.





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