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  • Q: What are T-ThumbSmart, R-Defender, F-Speeder, I-Mini-guard?
  • A: There are the names of different Cytac holster product lines.
  • T-ThumbSmart: Level II Protection. Safety Thumb Release System.
  • I-Mini-guard: Level I Protection. IWB Type for Concealed Carry.
  • R-Defender: Level II Protection. Common Index Finger Release System
  • F-Speeder: Level I Protection. Fast Draw Holster.



  • Q:Why choose cytac ?
  • A:Founded in 2008, Cytac is a leading military and police professional holster brand in Asia. The company applies for more than 50 international patents each year and has expanded to supply gun holsters to more than 130 countries around the world. Cytac is known for precision manufacturing and commitment to providing customers with quality products.You can read this article to learn about cytac



  • Q: What material are you using for your holsters? Will it scratch my pistol?
  • A: The Military Grade Polymer material we use has no pungent odor, is harmless to the human body, is safe and non-toxic, And will never scratch your pistol.One of the main advantages of polymer holsters from Cytac is their durability. Unlike leather or nylon that wears down or deforms over time, polymer holsters are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. They are also lightweight and can be molded to fit your firearm perfectly. This means your gun is much more secure and secure while it's in the holster, and you don't have to worry about it slipping or moving around.



  • Q: I failed to find the tactical gear I need in the store at the moment. Will you make them in the future?
  • A: We are happy to collect your request for new products. All your requests will be record and passed on to our R&D team for consideration.



  • Q: How to track my order?
  • A: We will send a tracking email after you complete the order, and you can check the status of your order through it



  • Q: What’s your return policy? Do I have to pay shipping when I return items?
  • A: You enjoy the 30-day trial. If you change your mind after trial, please return it with a completed package. You can ship items back by the most economical method for you. Please click and check our return policy.



  • Q: How long does it take for me to receive my package?
  • A: We will ship within 48 hours after placing the order (excluding weekends),usually orders in the United States will be received within 5-7 days. Other areas will be received within 7-15 days