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K-Master Claw Combo Holster|Fits Taurus G3C

K-Master Claw Combo Holster|Fits Taurus G3C

OWB Holster for Norinco Type 54/ Zastava M57

OWB Holster for Norinco 54 ,Zastava M57 /M57A /M70A /M70 Exclusive / M70 / M88A / M88, Tokagypt 58, Tokarev TT 33

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The release button is the main design of the holster and is at the heart of security, so we repeatedly tested its performance to make sure it didn't malfunction.

After 48 hours of continuous pressing (about 150,000 times of pressing) via Button Life Test Machine Station, the elastic force of the button still runs normally, without loosening, deformation, cracking or other phenomena.

This allows us to make sure that the holster is ready for use and can be easily unlocked quickly.

Every component of the holster is critical, even if it's a screw, it's strictly tested for quality.

We put the hardware fitting such as screws and allen wrench into the salt spray machine. After 48 hours, we will check whether the coating on the surface of these parts is peeled off or oxidized. No oxidation rust phenomenon can achieve reliable standards.

This salt spray test can meet the international standard of one of the most saline areas. It can be used all over the world.

The holster is made of a military-grade polymer material.

Considering the temperatures change, we put the holster into the high temperature testing machine for heating test, which can reach the temperature environment of 60℃ to 70℃ (140°F to 158°F) for 16 hours. After taking out the test holster, no deformation, expansion, burning or other phenomena are checked, then holstered to ensure smooth assembly.

The Dimension Change Value does not exceed 1mm, meet the requirements.

After the sample holster was tested at high temperature, it was cooled for 40 minutes and then continued to be tested at low temperature.

After 24 hours of experience in a low temperature environment of -23℃ to -25℃ (-9.4°F to -13°F), take out the product to check the appearance, no cracking, deformation, contraction or other appearance problems occur, then holstered to ensure smooth assembly.

The Dimension Change Value does not exceed 1mm, meet the requirements.

Ruggedness and durability are a sign of holster reliability. So we conducted a violent knock test, also known as destructive testing.

Hit the product three times in a row with a tool hammer to achieve a force of 25 kilograms. Then check the appearance of the product without damage, cracking, deformation or other phenomena. After a series of violent hammer tests, the holster remained solid and reliable.

Strong holsters can survive any tough environment for better defense.

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