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Holster for Taurus T85 revolver / S&W m60 | I-Mini-guard

Holster for Taurus T85 revolver / S&W m60 | I-Mini-guard

Ankle Holster | Cytac

Ankle Holster | Cytac

Holster for SCCY 9MM/CPX1/CPX2 | I-Mini-guard

IWB holster are preffered by armed civilians for daily carry and plainclothes policeman.
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Concealed, Concealed, And Concealed

Cytac I-Mini-guard Holster is born for concealed carry for armed civilians and plainclothes policeman.

Cytac I-Mini-guard Holster

Holster Fit (Item#CY-ISCYG2)


SCCY 9mm / CPX1 / CPX2 IWB Holster

Security Risks Of Nylon Or Feather Iwb Holsters You May Ignore

Polymer IWB Holster

Fast Access

Open top design ensures fast access.

Fast Access IWB Holster

Comfort Concealment

Our designers tried various polymer component ratio and got the best balance of fixed shape and elasticity for comfort concealment. On the other hand, the fine finish provides skin-friendly using experience.

Safe IWB Holster

Product Package

Cytac IWB Holster Package
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