Holster for S&W Bodyguard .380 With Integrated Crimson Trace Laser | R-Defender

Holster for S&W Bodyguard .380 With Integrated Crimson Trace Laser | R-Defender

Springfield Armory XD-S | R-Defender

Springfield Armory XD-S | R-Defender

Holster for Colt 1911-3″ | R-Defender

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A holster is the safest way for concealed carry and gives you easier and more reliable access. Cytac R-Defender Holster offers the classic re-holster way - by using the index finger to release. Most senior shooters prefer to choose this type of holster.
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R-Defende Series

Holster Mounting Options

Paddle (standard) / Belt Loop / Belt Clip / MOLLE / Drop Leg Platform / Shoulder Harness (Single / Double)

How to select an holster carrying attachments?

  • Paddle - Comfortable Daily Carry / Shooting Range / Walking or Standing for Long Time
  • Belt Clip- Armed Civilians / Daily Carrying for Long Time
  • Belt Loop - Law Enforcement On-duty / Police Belt System
  • MOLLE Attachment - Police Forces & Military / MOLLE Vest / MOLLE Bag
  • Drop Leg Platform - SWAT Team / Special Forces / Military
  • Shoulder Harness - Driving or Sitting for Long Time / Colder climates when wearing a jacket / Women may find they are a better fit for their body shapes


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