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  • Q: What are T-ThumbSmart, R-Defender, F-Speeder, I-Mini-guard?
  • A: There are the names of different Cytac holster product lines.
  • T-ThumbSmart: Level II Protection. Safety Thumb Release System.
  • I-Mini-guard: Level I Protection. IWB Type for Concealed Carry.
  • R-Defender: Level II Protection. Common Index Finger Release System
  • F-Speeder: Level I Protection. Fast Draw Holster.

  • Q: How do I maintain and clean my holster?
  • A: All our products are easy to clean. You can simply wash them or wipe them with a wet cloth, then put them aside with air drying.

  • Q: I failed to find the tactical gear I need in the store at the moment. Will you make them in the future?
  • A: We are happy to collect your request for new products. All your requests will be record and passed on to our R&D team for consideration.

  • Q: How to track my order?
  • A: Please sign up an account when checkout. You could easily check the order status after login.

  • Q: What’s your return policy? Do I have to pay shipping when I return items?
  • A: You enjoy the 30-day trial. If you change your mind after trial, please return it with a completed package. You can ship items back by the most economical method for you. Please click and check our return policy.